Tunmore South Norfolk Winter League 2021

Playing record for F Barker (Crosskeys Redgrave)
Week Venue Frame Opposition Opponent Result 8B
1 Home 3 Kings Arms Watton 'Kingsmen' S Morrell Lost  
1 Home 10 Kings Arms Watton 'Kingsmen' R Morgan Won  
2 Away 2 Bar33 'Bar None' D Naidu Lost  
2 Away 7 Bar33 'Bar None' D Naidu Lost  
3 Home 4 Tasburgh Soc Club B Martell Won  
5 Away 4 Countryman Tasburgh D Cooper Lost  
5 Away 7 Countryman Tasburgh B West Lost  
6 Home 4 L Stratton Queens Head 'A' M Quick Won  
6 Home 9 L Stratton Queens Head 'A' M Quick Lost  
7 Away 6 Hockham Eagle 'Is' C Horsley Lost  
8 Home 4 Hingham Sports And Soc J Venables Won  
8 Home 9 Hingham Sports And Soc P Hubbard Lost  
9 Away 2 L Stratton Queens Head 'B' I Acteson Lost  
9 Away 9 L Stratton Queens Head 'B' R Eaglen Won  
10 Away 4 Kings Arms Watton 'Kingsmen' S Morrell Lost  
10 Away 9 Kings Arms Watton 'Kingsmen' S Morrell Won  
11 Home 2 Bar33 'Bar None' M Naidu Lost  
11 Home 7 Bar33 'Bar None' D Naidu Won  
12 Away 2 Tasburgh Soc Club G Webb Won  
12 Away 9 Tasburgh Soc Club D Maclennan Won  
14 Home 2 Countryman Tasburgh B West Lost  
14 Home 7 Countryman Tasburgh J Butcher Won  
15 Away 4 L Stratton Queens Head 'A' M Quick Lost  
15 Away 7 L Stratton Queens Head 'A' M Lamb Lost  
16 Home 5 Hockham Eagle 'Is' K King Lost  
16 Home 9 Hockham Eagle 'Is' L Keeble Won  
17 Away 2 Hingham Sports And Soc J Venables Won  
17 Away 7 Hingham Sports And Soc N Partridge Won  
18 Home 4 L Stratton Queens Head 'B' S Duffield Won  
18 Home 9 L Stratton Queens Head 'B' R Lockwood Won  
KO Home 2 Pulham Falcon 'Stallions'
(Tunmore South Norfolk Roy Lockwood Cup)
M Burrows Won  
KO Home 7 Pulham Falcon 'Stallions'
(Tunmore South Norfolk Roy Lockwood Cup)
K Lawes Lost  
KO Home 6 Jolly Farmers 'Kings'
(Tunmore South Norfolk Subsidiary Cup)
P Thrower Won  

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